Let’s see if I have this straight.

There are several laws against rape in this country.  One bit of research I did tells me there is a rape every 3 minutes in this country alone.

Detroit outlawed Guns and gun related violence went up just shy of 100%.  There are seven examples of this type available.  I leave the other six as an interesting bit of research for the reader.

There are may hundreds of laws against drugs.  against drug trafficking, use, possession and sales.  That does a LOT of good.  It allows the purveyors to keep the profits very high and no taxes! 

The mass shootings they talk about as the incentive for gun control ALL took place in gun free zones, ie: it is against the law to carry any gun in those areas.  Hmmm

We all are aware of the second amendment.  One of the writers of that amendment even stated forcefully that it was intended to protect the people from an out of control government.  Funny he didn’t mention hunting or even self protection, which is certainly important to many.  He didn’t even mention Indian uprisings which was a concern in some parts of our young country.

They are talking about background checks for purchases.  Which tells the government where to go to confiscate them.

With all of this in mind I am sure that creating a constitutional crises over gun control in this country is a worthy issue for our president to address.  Or wait a minute…is he after something else???   Hmmmm  I wonder.



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