A desperate govenment

A desperate government will go to any lengths to silence dissent.  This, our country is broke.  We have a debt level in excess of our GNP.  That is the definition of insolvency.  Standard and Poors (S&P) down graded us in 2011 and were immediately put under investigation by the federal government.  Eagan-Jones, a smaller rating company has gone further with the truth in down grading us three times in 18 months.  SO the government silenced them.  They are banned from rating the U.S government for the next 18 months.

As with any good scam, the government must try to maintain our confidence.  As Simon Black has noted: “The moment someone says ‘the Emperor has no clothes,’ that shallow, fragile confidence will come crashing down and expose the scam.”  Any dissent must be vigorously, swiftly and relentlessly rooted out. 

Our government churns out literally thousands of pages of regulations each week.  I am  probaly violating several of them just by writing this and you by reading my words.  It is easy to find a reason to go after someone when you can write the regulations without legislative interference.  You get to write your own laws.  Do you doubt that?  One example – the people the IRS strip of their assets and put in jail are for the most part,  victims of REGULATIONS not laws.

 A free country?  Someplace perhaps.  Not here.  Not any longer.

Our President took an oath of office wherein he swore, among other things to “… preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  then in his inaugural address took aim at the constitution, giving the lie to his sworn duty.  Enough said.


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