Obummer’s real objective???

Obummer, Fienstien et al know they can’t get the gun law through congress so what are they up to?  I believe that they are using a patently objectionable piece of legislation as a smoke screen to their real agenda.  They want to know where to go to get the guns when they are ready.  How?  Registration and background checks.  After all, most people are put in the frame of mind “only a criminal woould object to background checks.  BUT.  What does that really accomplish?  It tells the government who is buying guns and where they live.  It gives them a lot of data on each gun owner. Such as: Name; Address; Gender; Occupation; Approximate net worth; Family census;Criminal history from traffic tickets to more serious offenses, if any; etc, etc.   All they have to do is open that list and pick up your guns.  It is the way Stalin, Mao and Hitler did it.


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