An open letter to Obama.

The followig was posted on the Facebook page “Nicholas County Tea Party of which I am the current administrator and is here by repost with permission from the author.

Mr Obama, I would like to know why the shooting at a WV university was never reported in the national media. Could it be because the shooter was subdued by two people with guns. Why don’t you tell the happy endings as well as the horror stories. Mr Obama you need to start being honest with the American people. I am from WV and very proud of our state and proud we stopped a violent shooting because people were armed. Maybe you can relay this message to Fienstien since she is so bent on disarming America as you are. Mr. Obama please don’t close Gitmo it is my dream of putting all you corrupt people in Washington there. I admire one man so much Joe Wilson he said you lie to your face. He was the first elected official to speak up. God Bless Joe.

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