Somebody has to stand tall and point out the truth.

I believe this needs to be said.  I recognize the danger involved and I accept it.

Let me begin by asking a few simple questions”

  1. What group of people have as a tenet of faith that Christians and Jews are inherently evil and must be eliminated.

     2.   What group of people have as a tenet of faith that they must never befriend anyone not of their belief system.

     3.   What group of people actually have a word to describe the means of eliminating people of any other faith.  The word?  Jihad or Holy War.

There happens to be only one answer to al of those questions – Islam.  All true followers of their prophet Muhammad believe all of those to be basic facts of life.  Why then are we Americans being so sensitive to their feelings?

The prime Minister of Australia issued a statement over two years ago letting Islamist know they would either follow the rules and be true to the Australian ideal of civility or they were summarily invited to leave the country.  The Muslim Brotherhood can’t seem to get a firm foot hold in that country, yet our Secretary of state has a member as one of her assistants.  Hmmmm I wonder why?  .It is even reported that one or two of Obama’s “advisers” are card carrying members also.  Gad.

Have we become so blase to our freedom that absolutely anything is to be allowed?  I recognize and respect the need to TOLERATE other religions.  I do not recognize the need to encourage infiltration by people or religions that have a sworn duty to kill any and all ‘infidels’. By the way, just in case you didn’t know, any person not of the Islamic faith is, by definition, and infidel.

Wake up America!  Islam has officially declared Jihad against us.  So why are we, or rather our government, so interested in appeasing them.  When someone declares war isn’t it usual to fight back?  At least to the point of attempting to prevent infiltration by the enemy.

Of course one could always aid and abet them by making a grab for our guns.  The would work wouldn’t it?

Enough said.


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