Let’s talk about “Homeland Security”.???

The Department of Homeland Security was originally envisioned as a separate bureaucracy that was supposed to be tasked with protecting us from “terrorists’.  From that humble and quite questionable beginning that “little” department is rapidly becoming one of the worlds largest governmental police forces.  They have ordered and are in the process of purchasing Billions, That’s Billions with a ‘B’ folks, of rounds of ammunition.  They , reportedly, already have a stock pile of assault weapons at their disposal.

During the 2008 campaign, then senator Obama stated that he wanted to see a federal police force armed with the same weapons both in kind and in quanity, as the armed forces of the US.  Can you say GESTAPO?   We already have the largest police force in the world with the NSA, just in case you didn’t know.  He, Osama, err Obama has begun vetting military leaders asking them if they would order their commands to fire on American Citizens and, again,according to the news, has fired at least two high ranking generals who wouldn’t comply.

Our currrent lame duck president has already come out in favor of the largest gun grab in US history which he is using as a smoke screen to cover his real agenda of universal back ground checks on all gun purchases.  Want to give your brother a hunting rifle for Christmas?  Both of you must submit to a background check so we will know the who and where and why of those guns.  In other words you are to be forced to register that gift to your brother.  Let’s face it.  You have a hard time stealing (confiscating) a gun if you don’t know who has one and where it is kept.

What constitution?  Now the liberal media is even touting the “Irrelevance” of that infamous document.


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