Ok Rick, just what could be a bigger problem for this country than the liberals?

My answer to that is the total lack of any form of true journalism in this country.  I may be revealing my age here, but I am old enough to remember the Edward R. Murrow’s of the past.  Reporters that actually reported the news.  They didn’t feel compelled to “explain it”.  They were compelled to get their hands dirty digging it our, confirming it and reporting what they found letting the chips fall where they may.  I wonder where all of the investigative reporters of yesteryear have gone, after they were fired by the new liberal media?

Think about this for a moment.  Where would Obama be if the media were to do its job?  If they demanded answers instead of providing them or ignoring them.  For instance, and this is only one of many, the unions rioted after the Michigan people passed a right to work law in their state.  People were beaten for supporting their elected representatives!  By union thugs caught on video cameras!  With sound!  The main stream media just ignored it instead of simply reporting it without comment.  They didn’t want to harm the money flow to the liberals from those same thugs.

The conservatives are just as guilty.  They take any chance they can get to sensationalize any story they feel will aid their cause.  Fair and balanced reporting?  That is left to those of us in the blogging world that has a conscience and is interested in the truth and only to us.  Not even Rush is immune to this sickness.  FOX News?  Yeah them too.

Case in point:  I received an email about a town that supposedly had an ordinance on the books “requiring” homeowners to own a gun.  I made a couple of simple phone calls to find out that there is such a law, but that it was enacted in 1982 and has never been enforced.  It was a small southern town reacting to Chicago suburbs enacting ordinances severely restricting gun ownership. I posted the news.  No commentary other than to espouse the forthrightness of the people I spoke with.  I believe the American people should be allowed to form their own opinions with out inserting a nose ring.

Just suppose politicians had to stand on their own without the directed support of these “talking heads”.  Does anyone actually believe that a man who refuses to release any accurate information of his own history COULD be elected?  Journalist would be in there digging out the truth.  It would all be revealed for us to make up our own minds.  Gee, maybe they actually believe that we must be force fed their opinions because we just don’t have the intelligence to think!  I am afraid I must agree that that is exactly what we are becoming.  I have acquaintances that believe everything Dan Rather and his ilk (sorry that word was an editorial comment) have to say.  When I ask what part of the story was actually “news” they don’t even know why I would ask the question let alone what the answer might be.

I have read several conservative commentators (I refuse to call them bloggers in the true sense) on various sites,  refer to Obama’s policies as communist inspired.  Sorry, if you knew the English language, you would know that there is nothing communistic about the man.  He has very definite NAZI leanings, but that is something else entirely.  Surely just as dangerous to our way of life, but in a completely different way.  But then the word communist is an emotion evoking word to use indiscriminately isn’t it?

Here comes an editorial comment:  It is my belief from what little I am allowed to know of this man’s educational background and upbringing in the Muslim culture, that he could not help being anything other that a devout follower of Karl Marx.  Obama is the only public figure that I am aware of that refers to the HOLY Quran.  To everyone else that mentions it, it is simply the Quran.  And in my humble opinion not all that holy either.  Interesting, don’t you think?  End of editorial comment.  Come to think of it that might be a good place to end this blog too.

Have a great day..


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