The left is using the tactic of distraction to keep the right from concentrating on the one issue that would defeat them.  The dictionary defines distraction as: mental distress or derangement and that which distracts, divides the attention, or prevents concentration.  If they can keep us focused on their various assaults on the Constitution they can proceed with the one thing they must have.  Control.  Control of BOTH houses of congress.  They are spending millions on the mid term election right now.  Just look at the recent fundraising trip Obama made to California at our expense.  Several million dollars of our money spent on that one.  All to raise money for the Democrats and Obama’s private war chest.

I am not suggesting that the assaults on the Constitution are not valid issues that a percentage of our attention should be concentrated on, but not to the exclusion of the election.  There are many groups that are actively pursuing the infringements on the constitution, The Liberty Council, NRA, The National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), et al.  The major conservative movements such as the Republican Party, Tea Party, and like minded independents would better serve the cause by focusing on things that are imperative to reclaiming our freedom: voter registration, voter ID laws, state instituted term limits, pole workers and urging conservative politicians to actually support the conservative agenda.  We could and should win the senate and retain the house.  But we won’t as things stand now.  We might well lose our majority in the house.

Consider the number of long dead people that are still voting; consider the illegal immigrants that cast ballots; consider the strong arm tactics use by the unscrupulous at the polling places, consider the rigged voting machines in most precincts.  Are we taking any actions that will alleviate these abuses?  Not that I know of.  If I am wrong I would really like to know.  I will devote one or two or even three columns to them!

Would you believe that city councils and county governments have the ability to enact voter ID requirements for their own jurisdictions?


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