Deadliest Jihadist – Hidden in Plain Sight

Deadliest Jihadist – Hidden in Plain Sight


Guess Who:

He was raised in a muslim family and attended both primary and secondary muslim schools.  He was trained as a jihadist from age five by both his father and the Indonesian school system.  He attended classes in the US that were taught by known Marxists and attended a church headed by an avowed Marxist and American hater.  He has welcomed the muslim brotherhood into his administration and primary advisory staff.  

Let’s take a quick look at  that organization.  They have publicly stated that all true believers of the muslim ‘faith’ are not subject to the laws of ANY land.  They believe that sharia law is the only law they are required to follow and demand that the American justice system recognize that they can kill their wives whenever they deem it time to do so, to cite only one of many abominations.  Their so called holy book states in no uncertain terms that a true follower cannot have any friends that are not of ‘the faith’ and that all unconvertable infidels MUST be killed.  By the way, just so you’ll know, our founding fathers were all ‘infidels’ and so am I.

He has fought for laws within the United States that attack all Christian values from abortion to universal birth control.  He has repeatedly attacked the American family and seeks to institute the destruction of the traditional and Christian family via gay marriage and telling the people that their children do not belong to them, but belongs to the ‘community’.

Has consistently fought to undermine the Constitution of this country via the destruction of the second amendment in obvious ways; has refused to submit to a reasonable personal background check but insists the rest of us must be forced to undergo one without our consent; will not produce even the most basic documentation proving he is Constitutionally qualified to hold his public elected office; has consistently attacked the first amendment by attempting to restrict and even abolish conservative media; has openly declared that one of the largest terrorist threats to our country are the veterans that fought for it; declared there is a one hundred mile ‘border area’ where the fourth amendment has no meaning and anyone may be searched and personal physical and mental property may be seized without warrants; has create and armed a national police force without submitting it to the review of the congress and requires his appointees to refuse to submit to the lawful demands of that body for detailed information on their operation.

So we see a president that welcomes jihadists into his personal fold while attempting to deny the citizens of the country, (whose Constitution he has vowed to “… preserve, protect and defend …”), the arms to defend itself.

Welcome to the new Amerika.  Are we supposed to say Heil Obama and pray to allah now?

I absolutely refuse, as usual, to capitalize words or ideas that are inherently inimical to my way of life.


3 thoughts on “Deadliest Jihadist – Hidden in Plain Sight

  1. Very good discription of our Marxist president. I will never accept him as my president. He is a traitor to our country. And the ones in congress and senate have been brainwashed. It is a shame the greatest nation on earth has ever succumbed to this. God Bless everyone and God Bless America.


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