This Blog is a Violation of the Law.

The people of the muslim faith have declared a jihad and holy war against the United States of America and since that is true I am defiantly against the muslim people and their religion.  The United States Attorney for the western district of Kentucky has stated that my saying these things is a violation of the law.  My exercise of my first amendment rights is a violation of the law.  Imagine that.

A muslim near the end of 2012, stood in an outdoor forum in the Capitol of Texas and stated openly that a true muslim did not have to obey any country’s laws or any laws except sharia law.  Just as an aside, it is the quran that states “…and eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…” and they are Mohammad’s words in his sharia law. These are laws for the muslims and they are enforced literally throughout islam today.   I do not know of any passage in the bible that states this.  My word processor keeps insisting that I capitalize many words that I absolutely refuse to give that honorific.

It is my belief and true feeling that we of the American people should be overtly fighting any muslims that invade this country,  It is my further belief that this is not a violation of the first amendment guarantee of religious freedom as I am not advocating against allowing them to worship as they please.  I am advocating that any one or any group or any nation that declares war on me should be met with war.  I have had the pleasure of destroying a copy of the Qur’an that I purchased for the purpose and posted that on another blog several months ago.  If I were to have my way we would be burying pigs in all muslim owned property and advertising the fact.

Ok Enough of that.  Now I am going to prove to at least one American elected congresswoman that I am a racist.  I am against Obamacare. Yep,  That is all it takes to make me a racist.  But then Obamacare costs too much and has so many regulations attached to it that it will cost WAY too much and is impossible to administer as absolutely no one can administer over 5000 pages of laws and regulations, many of which are self contradicting.  As one of the original authors of the bill has stated publicly, “it is a train wreck waiting to happen.”

I will violate the law again and become a traitor to my country, at least according to one high ranking official of the DOJ by stating that I think Erick Holder is a liar and has violated our First, Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights on his own whim.  I also believe and the evidence backs me up, that BO was not legally elected to his office due to the massive amount of voter fraud evinced since his so called election.

Yep, I am one evil dude.  I believe that the Constitution is the supreme law of this land and that no member of the administration, no group of legislators, no judicial authority has the right to decide otherwise.


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