One Question

One Question

I have a question.  One to which I would really appreciate an intelligent answer.  Not, I repeat NOT a rant.

The question is how does passing a new law prevent a criminal from breaking the law?  Yes, it is a serious question.  Just to give a few examples, there are, according to one report, twenty seven federal laws and tens of thousands of state and local laws against prostitution.  In Nevada prostitution is legal in much of the stat except in Clark County, the home of Las Vegas.  Where are the most prostitutes per capita?  Right!  Clark County.  Yep, I lived there for almost twenty years and can attest to that one.  There are so many examples of laws that don’t stop anyone except the good citizen from doing anything that a litany of them here would be superfluous.

So here comes the people that want to abuse the second amendment and take guns from the good people claiming that it will save lives and prevent gun violence.  Where are the most gun violent crimes committed?  In places like Chicago, New York and Washington D.C. where there are strict gun laws.  Sure.  A criminal intent on murder is going to tremble at the thought of breaking the no gun law.  Just like the Sandy Hook shooter did when he saw the “Gun Free Zone” sign at the school.  I’m sure he thought twice about shooting people when he saw that sign.  More likely he felt more like he could achieve his goals because there were not going to be anyone but him with a gun.

One of the sponsors of the limited magazine law said in public (I paraphrase but this is the essence of it) … once those are shot they can’t use them any more …!  She actually thinks a magazine is BULLETS!  I suppose we have to allow for ignorance in people who have to make a living as public officials.

I had a friend in Las Vegas, a good guy who made a mistake in his younger years and learned his lesson, that wanted to have a hunting rifle, but the law said he couldn’t.  He was and is a convicted felon.  Never mind that he had been a good citizen for over twenty years since then.  He couldn’t go into a store and buy one so he bought one on the street.  A really nice semi-automatic hunting rifle.  His had an extended clip.  If memory serves it held twenty rounds, but that might be wrong.  He actually paid less than he would have at Wall Mart for the same rifle.  He ended up buying two .357 Colts for him and his wife.  The three of us spent many a pleasant afternoon plinking away at rocks and trash thrown away by those law abiding citizens that littered the desert with their trash for us to use as targets.

So now many in Congress want to abrogate our second amendment rights and pass gun “control” laws.  My question stands.  The question is how does passing a new law prevent a criminal from breaking the law?

I will be happy to read and respond to any intelligent comments.


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