Hyperbole, Exaggeration and Down Right Misleading Headlines

Hyperbole, Exaggeration and Down Right Misleading Headlines


I am really getting tired of the media, both from the right and the left, sending out email ‘alerts’ with hyperbole, exaggeration and down right misleading headlines. I am a conservative and an activist, but I am concerned with the truth. Those of you who follow my blog are well aware that I do the research necessary to present factual statements without resorting to phony hyperbole.

I offer for your consideration a few of the milder examples that his my inbox today: “City: “God Bless America” flag in yard illegal”. It turns out that the content of the signs had absolutely nothing to do with the a notification asking the signs to be removed under a local ordinance prohibiting yard sign with notable exceptions such as holidays. No one was cited and no fines were levied. It was a ‘courtesy notification. Even the Mayor of the town had one of the God Bless America signs in his yard; “Obama secretly signing away U.S. sovereignty”, this one turns out to be about a treaty the US is attending conferences about; nothing new and part of it might even be of benefit to US; Preppers Sent To Guantanamo Bay For Hoarding Food?, this type is really irritating as it ends up being an ad for something or other. No one is being sent to Guantanamo for storing food, but these are rampant from the conservative web sites trying to raise money by misleading its users.

OK I could fill a few pages with just examples from today, but I think you get the point. I am aware that unscrupulous people exist and take advantage of ay situation AND that they are not limited to any political point of view. It really is a shame that they have to use historically serious issues for the purpose of making money.

I think that for the first time I will ask for comments on one of my posts. What do you think about this and how can we, as conscientious conservatives, put a stop to them?


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