Legislator lack of comon sense

Short sighted State legislators are the bane of both freedom and common sense. There is an honest, workable, safe proposal out there to bring the power of government back into their hands and they don’t seem to want it. I can understand the Federal legislators fighting to keep the power in their grimy greedy little hands as well as the DNC, but state legislators refusing it? WOW. I have never known a politician to refuse power and I have been involved in politics almost from birth.

Ok, so what is the proposal?

The Convention of States (COS) project is designed to return the power of governance to the state legislators where it was intended to be and was until the 14th and 17th amendments were passed. It is a project to implement an Article V convention of states. Notice! This is not a Constitutional Convention. That would be called to scrap the existing one and write a new one and as much as the George Soros ilk would love to see that, I doubt it has a chance.

This project is unlike anything ever that has occurred before before in that it makes use one of the two methods of calling a COS. The first is the Congress of the United States calling a convention to propose an amendment as was the case in the 21rst to repeal prohibition. The second method of calling an Article V COS is for the state legislators to call one. It is my understanding that there has been over 500 attempts to do this since the original constitution was ratified. None have succeeded due to the strict procedure that must be followed. The state legislators in 34 states must propose the same continuing resolution or bill, depending on the state, containing the same language, before it can become fact.

In the past this has never happened because the states didn’t get together on the wording.

The current project eliminates that by submitting a resolution to every state legislature containing the same language. The REALLY unique thing about this project is the concept. It is proposing a COS to address a topic not a single amendment. It will consider ONLY those amendments that limit the power of the federal government, reign in spending on the federal level and impose term limits on congress. Nothing else can even be considered. Each state attending a COS has one vote. Be it California or be it Rhode Island; one vote.

Then 38 states must ratify it for any or all to become law. These three things effectively prevent a runaway convention. Can you imagine 38 states passing some wild, inane amendment?

I really have to wonder if those state legislators that oppose this have any concept of the representational part of their job. It seems that the ones I have talked to that opose this idea are much more interested in serving their national party line than they are with representing their constituents.

You might want to ask your state legislators where they stand and WHY?

For that matter, now that you know more about the facts, where do you stand and why?

For more information on this project drop by their web site. I found some very interesting reading on it. Click here: Convention Of States


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