Problems and Solutions

Problems and Solutions


Part One




The United States of America is having some problems. We have a sitting president that doesn’t think the Constitution is worth the paper it is written on. He suffers from a form of mental disease called Psychotic Narcissism and has been so diagnosed by no less than three world renowned psychologists This is the same disease Hitler and Stalin suffered from. People with this mental disorder are absolutely positive that they are right! No one can tell them any different. They know it with a certainty borne out of a profound and incurable mental disorder.


Then of course we have the senate led with an iron fist by a Nevadan that was most likely illegally elected. The incomparable and unique Harry Reid. I certainly hope he is unique and that there is no one that compares with him. He is an evil man. He has become completely taken over by the hunger for power. He has no concern nor care about anyone other than himself and the power he can hold.


These among other items have led The United States of America to the very brink of becoming a second rate nation ruled by an uncaring government that knows the way to keep power. Destroy liberty.


OK. So those are my interpretations of some of the causes of the problems we, the people of this country, face both as individuals and as a sovereign nation. Now comes the question; how can we fight this take over of our country.


There are a lot of people coming up with their own pet ideas. Some of them need no discussion here as they are farcical on their face. I shall limit this narrative to the four most discussed and attempt to shed some light on their good and bad points. These, for my purpose here are:


  1. Nullification

  2. Sovereignty

  3. Constitutional Convention

  4. An Article V Convention of States.


This series will discuss each of these in order. Any attempt on my part to condense them into one posting has proven futile. So stay tuned folks, you pet theory is coming along with extensive research for and against it.  Which is going to come out on top?




Nullification is defined as to render or declare legally void or inoperative: to nullify a contract or (2) to deprive (something) of value or effectiveness; make futile or of no consequence.


Constitutional nullification is the legal principle that any federal enactment which is not “made in Pursuance” of the Constitution under Article VI, Clause 2 is ipso facto null and void.


The first real test of nullification came during Andrew Jackson’s administration in 1832 when South Carolina enacted the “Ordinance of Nullification”. This is the only instance that I could find that was at least partially successful. South Carolina repealed the Ordinance of Nullification in 1833 after a compromise was reached. There have been over a hundred attempts at states nullifying federal laws from the slave laws through the current administration. More recently, a nullification effort was successful when several states passed state laws against a regulation. Note this was not a law passed by congress. It was a regulation by a government agency, one which was not even popular with the Dems in congress. Of the over one hundred so called nullifications that have been attempted since the founding of our constitutional state, none have been successful. Let us suppose for the sake of argument that this is the method you are most fond of and think it is the method the entire country should adopt. Just what would that entail? There are thousands of improper federal laws. Assuming 2,000 improper federal laws, it defies common sense to believe that this would be possible even for one state much less a significant majority of the states. Nullification is an attempt to apply over 2000 Band-Aids. What we need for the blood letting being carried out by our overly liberal government is an application of a broad spectrum antibiotic and Band-Aids have no antibiotic at all. So. It doesn’t look like nullification is a viable option. Let’s move on to the magic land of “Sovereignty”.




Sovereign. A majestic word. It is a word that is not in the Constitution of the United States. It means, basically, decision maker. The dictionary defines the noun as:


1. a monarch; a king, queen, or other supreme ruler.

2. a person who has supreme power or authority.


3. a group or body of persons or a state having sovereign authority.




The adjective is defined as:

5. belonging to or characteristic of a sovereign or sovereign authority; royal.

6. having supreme rank, power, or authority.


7. supreme; preeminent; indisputable: a sovereign right.


8. greatest in degree; utmost or extreme.


9. being above all others in character, importance, excellence, etc.




I can’t find out where the concept of sovereignty came from where it concerns reforming our government. Since being sovereign means making the decisions just who is going to be sovereign? Well, many of the people I have talked with that are calling for sovereignty have stated that each individual is inherently ‘sovereign’; that the states are ‘obviously’ sovereign. All we have to do is declare that sovereignty and then follow through by actually being sovereign. I know, it doesn’t make all that much sense to me either. If everybody is really sovereign; if everybody has the power to make decisions; that is the definition of anarchy. If it is the states that are sovereign then there is no central government and each state is on their own. If Ohio decides that they don’t like a new law enacted in Illinois, they would have the power to bar all Illinois citizens and products from the state. Everybody from Illinois that was in Ohio on vacation would be breaking the law and subject to arrest. Then Virginia decides that West Virginia should never have been born and decides to take it back into Virginia. So war breaks out. Why not? Since each state is sovereign they would have their own military. Yep Anarchy. Enough said.


Comments, condemnations are encouraged and will be responded to IF you have facts to back up your position. Rants are usually good for a laugh, though. Questions are also encouraged,


The next Blog will discuss the Constitutional Convention and the Article V Convention of States.


See you then.














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