Problems and Solutions Part Two

Problems and Solutions


Part Two






My last post attempted to define some of the solutions to this country’s multifarious problems. I made a half hearted attempt to define some of the problems and ran out of steam after just mentioning the current administration and his minions in the senate. I usually get angry at my country for allowing this turn of events that is destroying the country I grew up in and fought for in wars some didn’t even know were happening. That is why I stopped with the causes of our problems without delineating the problems themselves. Many know the problems while others will never admit to them. Flagrant violations of our nations patently great Constitution. We are in a country the writers and founders of that constitution never foresaw, indeed could not foresee. In that light I have decided not to attempt such delineations other than to point out a president that has ”a phone and a pen” so he doesn’t need a congress to rule his kingdom. Let us therefore move onto the last two of the four solutions we were discussing.


Next on our list is the most nefarious. The Constitutional Convention. This is the ideal solution to people like George Soros and the ultra liberal in our land. You see a Constitutional Convention is called with the intent of writing a entirely new constitution. These ultra liberals are so intent on not having an Article V convention called that they are willfully stating that the Article V is indeed a constitutional convention capable of rewriting the constitution. Folks that just isn’t so. In point of fact, an Article V Convention cannot rewrite the constitution.


However, ‘They’ would like to see more constitutional power in the executive branch. My father had a saying that he felt defined the American Dream. “Your rights end at the beginning of my nose.” What he meant by that is simple. In his domain, house, property, business, whatever, you had no rights he didn’t grant you. Who is the ‘you”? Any entity from a single human being to a government. If he had a wife and kids those rights automatically extended to them. The same for his neighbors and their neighbors. Should he choose to own a gun, that was no one’s business but his and his family. If that family decided they liked a certain Dr. that too was their business and no one had the right to interfere with that relationship. In order to protect those rights we relied on the Constitution. We relied on a government that was established specifically to protect the rights of the individual, not to enhance the power of tyrant wannabes. The government’s job used to be to protect me from you! If you tried to use your gun or your fist or your baseball bat against me, the government was supposed to punish you for that. Now expand that ‘you ; to nations or states or simply mobs. They were supposed to regulate interstate commerce, not intrastate. That clause in the Constitution was and is intended for the purpose of facilitating commerce, not to control it.


OK. I hope you get the idea. Our constitution certainly needs to be ‘tweeked’ a little in the light of the omnipresent evil in present day politicians, but it does NOT need to be scrapped. We neither want nor need a new constitution.




The brings us to the last of the possible solutions. The Article V Constitutional Convention. The first thing you should noticed is that it is an Article V measure, taken directly from our Constitution.  It is a measure provided for us by our founding fathers to protect us from that which they could not imagine, but feared in their unknown future.


Their next problem was to prevent what has become known as a run away convention. They did this in several ways. The first was the one state one vote rule. If you look at the way national elections are won you must look at the populations of the various states. New York, California, Florida, Ohio, etc. They carry the national elections. Not the majority of the states by any means. The majority of states in our union are conservative. Look at one of the media networks political maps. So one state one vote. California has no more power in an Article V Convention of States than Rhode Island.


The next was the so called super majority idea. Two thirds of the states or 34, must agree on the same enacted law to call for the convention before it can happen. Once the convention has been called any amendment that falls within the topic of the laws used to call that convention may be debated. In other words if the convention is called to limit the power of the federal government, rein in the fiscal abilities of both congress and the executive branch, and limit terms of federal officials such as congress and the judiciary are fair game. However, let’s say an amendment that would limit the authority of the states such as say abortion or marriage, those would have to be denied by the convention. So what are some of these tweeks? Take a look at a small amendment to the Welfare Clause. If you add a phrase similar to this: “If the states can spend money on it the Federal government is prohibited from doing so” then things like Obamare are gone. Legalizing homosexual or polygamous marriage? Gone with the repeal of the 14th amendment. That is up to the states.


And now this decision is not up to the states. It is up to you.











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