The Meaning of Freedom

For our purposes the word Freedom has three definitions according to Webster:

1. exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.

                2. the power to determine action without restraint.

   3. personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery: a slave who bought his freedom.

It quickly becomes apparent that the word freedom is often dependent upon the modifier attached. Our modifiers are the word personal and the word Constitutional.

Personal freedom. Personal freedom must be interpreted in the context of the society in which it is granted and assumed. Our personal freedom comes from God first and the Constitution second. We all know that Gods freedom encompasses many things, but that it includes some caveats. Those caveats are called the ten commandments. Have you ever noticed that the ten commandments are all about things God forbids? God tells us that our freedom is limited to ourselves. Our actions may not limit the actions of others or cause them harm or even discomfort. In other words, God’s freedom comes with obvious responsibilities and duties.

So does Constitutional freedom. The Constitutional freedoms come with their own set of caveats. It requires you to be a citizen for instance. It grants you the power of the vote which comes with its own little duty. Education. The implication is that each citizen will prepare to vote by educating his or her self on the person or issue to be voted upon. If you are a conservative and listen or read only the conservative side you are not an educated voter. The same goes for the liberal side. Both are very biased in this day. You need to listen to both Fox and ABC type of ‘news’ as each has a kernel of the truth in them (granted some times it is hard to find). I am obviously a conservative; however, I like to think that I have the ability to think and reason.

The Constitution gives us the basic law of the land in simple, though antiquated language. What can be more simple than things like the Second Amendment with its 27 words in plain English. Each article and the Bill of Rights amendments takes less words than any law enacted by Congress because there are no ‘caveats’ in most cases. There are implied caveats. You are supposed to have freedom of speech, but hot the freedom to shout fire in a crowed building. You have the right to own things, but not the right to steal property of others. You have the right to own a gun, but not the right to use it against your neighbor unless your own or your family’s life is in mortal danger. You have the right to travel, but you need another country’s permission to transgress on their soil. You have the right to believe as you see fit, but not to force your belief system on others. You have the right to criticize, but others have the same unfettered right to criticize your words and actions. You have the right to date whom you chose, but God says you do not have the right to date your another’s spouse. The list goes on. For each right there is a concomitant responsibility.

Here is what our government and many of the people of this land now ignore. The responsibility that goes with freedom. The government has no right to impose upon you and restrictions other than those the Constitution assigns them. They actually have no ‘right’ to allow people into this country without following the process set down by law. They have no ‘right’ limit your choice of personal defense weapons. WMDs? Of course you can’t own those. Semi-automatic rifles with 30 round clips? It is your implied and stated right to own any reasonable self defense weapon. Thomas Jefferson said this of the second amendment: “The beauty of the second amendment is that it won’t be needed until they try to take it.”


SCOUS Justice Scalia said it best. The Constitution is not a “living” document. It is the law and means just what it meant when it was enacted.

It comes down to this: Both God and man grant you rights and both God and man delineate the limits to those rights. They are not unfettered. You have responsibilities. Now get off your duff and exercise the only option you have to keep and/or restore those rights. Vote with intelligence. In every election.



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