On A personal Note

On A Personal Note

I have finished writing this blog and decided to add this preface. This is the toughest bit of writing I have ever done and with my book I have written hundreds of thousands of words for others to read, but this one strikes too close to home. It leaves me feeling naked and exposed.

I have led an affluent life for the most part. Owned my own homes for the most part. Even in college with two children. Yes, my wife was employed as a nurse. Which is a big reason for that, but then things were a lot cheaper then. My first home, a three bedroom affair in a pretty good neighborhood, cost me the huge sum of $80,000. Payments were less than $100.00 per month. After college I went to Vegas and ended up in casino management . Made a good living. Then, a couple of divorces later, I was broke, without a retirement plan, bank account, or savings, thanks to a viscous ex and an even more viscous female judge. I had lost my job because I was able to get the casino sold, which is the reason I was given the position.

My son decided he would like me to be close to him, way across the country in West Virginia. I picked up and moved. Probably not my best decision. I drove cab for a while and lived with my son and his girl friend, of all things. OK Let’s bring this a little closer to today.

I now am officially retired. An old man with disabilities and cannot find a job that I am capable of doing physically while the ones I can do mentally are not the ones people want an old man to do. My car is over twenty years old and I live in a tiny government subsidized apartment. Why do I tell you all of this? It is preamble.

I do get Social Security. That was adequate before Obama. Now, not so much. I have seen the cost of a loaf of bread go from $.89 to over $1.40 here in town and that is not the good stuff, trust me. Milk from $1.89 a gallon to $4.28 as of last week. Meat? Forget it. Even hamburger is almost $4.00/ LB. Chicken? Almost $6.00 for a bag of chicken at Wal Mart. I eat a lot of chicken, but that bag of chicken doesn’t las a month. Eggs have gone from $.79 to over $2.75.

I know a family that is in this country illegally, are Muslim by faith and living the good life. His home is a nice three bedroom place, nice yard, nice car, nice well fed and dressed family. The home was provided by the government, his food stamps run over $400.00, so he told me. Yes, I get food stamps. A whopping $15.00/mo. When Obama came into office with his promise of change, that indeed changed. I was then getting just over $40.00 The Muslim illegal immigrant’s car was subsidized by the government, and he receives SOCIAL SECURITY! Why? I don’t know. He has never paid a dime into it.

I have had to eat dog food to finish out several months. Not very tasty, but it does take the hunger pangs down a notch or two. Fact. Yeah, I do have a dog and no, he does not go without a proper diet. Foolish of me perhaps, but he is my best friend and only companion. Live with it. I do.

The inflation and resulting increase in costs have almost done me in. I sure hope my book makes a few sales! 🙂 Obama’s solution? Print more money, raise the minimum wage, and raise taxes. Each a proven inflationary measure. If I have to point out how that is, you probably don’t have enough interest or knowledge of the facts to understand so I won’t waste both our time by attempting an explanation. I will note that several countries have decided that they don’t want their money tied in any way to ours. Can you say second rate country from world leader in 6 years?

I note that now Obama is sending our money not only to several Muslim factions along with those arms, but has decided to give a huge hand out to the Hamas. Hamas, for those that don’t know is the recognized Israel based terrorist organization. How’s that for slapping an ally in the face in public?

Obama has kept at least one of his campaign promises. He has brought about CHANGE. Less freedom, more expensive government, more hunger and starvation, more homeless and more underemployed people than ever before. The reason we don’t have seen higher unemployment? Companies have had to put so many people on less that 40 hours because of Obama care that they have to hire part timers to cover the vacant hours. So yes he has created jobs, He just hasn’t created any jobs with a living wage. BUT.  He still has a job approval rating that is over 50%.

Yeah, his personal approval is down to 47%.  Ain’t that a shame?



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