How Media Bias Works

How Does Media Bias Work?

Do you think the media bias has any real effect on the voting public? Remember we are talking about a nation of citizens fifty percent of whom are politically ignorant and apathetic. They may see news blurbs on rare occasions, but they certainly don’t actually have any curiosity nor use any intelligence in what they read. They are headline readers. Now consider the headlines in the news on line, in the newspapers, and at the head of the hour on broadcasts. Consider these two headlines: “House harasses Hillary on the time she knew about the attacks. She asks ‘What difference does it make?’” And this one: Hillary screams ‘What difference does is make?’ when asked about Bengazi deaths. Which one is liberal and which is conservative news? Yeah. How about simple coverage? The point here is what makes them biased? The adjectives attached to a news story. They express an opinion and are not facts. Nor are they news. I watched the hearing that day. What I saw and heard was a Legislator questioning a probable hostile witness. He did not harass that witness; however he did ask pointed questions that were germane to the topic. Her answer was not screamed, it was stated in what may well have been dripping with sarcasm, in my opinion, 🙂 but her voice was only slightly increased in volume. Definitely not ‘screamed’. So both sides practiced their own form of ‘biased reporting’. Oh, for the good old days when reporters reported the news.

Another form of ‘bias’ is demonstrated by the simple act of censorship. If you don’t report a story, no one can form an opinion. By the same token, if you don’t report the full story, you lead people to form an erroneous picture of events. Example? OK. Let’s look at the alleged terrorist Ahmed Abu Khattala, self proclaimed ‘Mastermind’ of the Benghazi Attack. The bias on the left reported that the federal government “…finally found …” the man. Great work, right? Hmmm there is one point that should be made here. Both Fox news and CNN interviewed him weeks before the government ‘found’ him. OK. Right wing Fox and the slowly moderating CNN did report that fact. (How many of you caught the bias in that last statement?) It still, to my knowledge, has not been mentioned by any other media outlet. If you don’t report it, your demographic won’t know about it. Remember those first impressions I mentioned?

These examples could go on forever. I hope you are starting to get a feel for how you are manipulated on a daily basis. The only cure I know of is a liberal dose of each side and the ability to think. Of course that presupposes that you do want to know the facts. I keep remembering the standby line from that old TV show, Dragnet, “Just the facts, Mam.” I do not deny the right and even the value of editorializing. When and where appropriate, I just disagree that a NEWS outlet should be doing it. It belongs on a show like the “View” or “Hannity” or even “Rush”. Not in the NEWS!

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2 thoughts on “How Media Bias Works

  1. Who is funding this type of censorship? Take a look at my blog 2nd post right now from the top on the page; it compares the paid employees of the Party in China going to social media and trying to influence public opinion and those who operate within the comments sections of CNN, Facebook, and other forums.

    Ideally the free press operates… free, right? Well even in free societies people are influenced through the means of wealth.


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