Common Ground of Both Liberals and Conservatives

Common Ground of Both Liberals and Conservatives

Really? Am I suggesting that Liberals and Conservatives have something in common? Yep. I sure am. This entire blog will be devoted to exploring that single point of agreement. Well, that and why they are both wrong.
You see to a Liberal a Conservative is both wrong headed and evil and to a Conservative a Liberal is both wrong headed and evil. Oh, the individual reasons on each side are different,that is true.
That is about all I am going to say about Liberals as I have no intention or desire to give them any assistance, even inadvertently. So let’s look at why I think this attitude on the part of Conservatives is not helping our cause. In fact it is hurting it, in my humble opinion.
Most Liberals I know are not inherently evil. Nor are they stupid. Nor are they ignorant. They really believe what they espouse, just as conservatives do. They are not being bribed or coerced, they are simply following the dictates of their conscience. Their ubiquitous response when asked about the lessons of history concerning the government controlling the people is: “We won’t make the same mistakes.” They do not see the impossibility of that statement.
Most Conservatives I know are not inherently evil. Nor are they stupid. Nor are they ignorant. They really believe what they espouse, just as Liberals do. They are not being bribed or coerced, they are simply following the dictates of their conscience.
One of the main problems with the far right conservative today is simple intransigence. The chief spokesman for the so called Liberty Alliance would negate my vote because he doesn’t want “True Conservatives” to vote for either candidate. He doesn’t want people to fall into the “lesser of two evils” trap, but rather find someone I can completely agree with and vote for that person. News flash: We in WV have only two real choices; A liberal democrat or a semi liberal republican. I choose to at least begin to swing the Senate toward the right with my vote. Many of the Conservatives I talk and correspond with don’t believe in ANY compromise. Wake up people! We don’t live in a world where compromise isn’t a “necessary evil” yet. If I can get a reasonably acceptable compromise that is definitely leaning to the right, I WILL take it. We must begin somewhere. I choose to begin here and now. Conservatives have a real opportunity to take back the senate and increase our majority in the house this year; IF we don’t get stupid and refuse to compromise. If there are only two people on the ballot, vote for the one that is to the right. Or we will certainly be left.
Now let’s discuss vitriol and close minded people.
Ever notice how much invective and vituperation comes out of both sides of this so called debate between the right and the left? Imagine your reaction when someone calls you a stupid SOB or something worse. Is that going to make you consider your position? Not a chance. You are more likely to become either defensive of launch your own name calling campaign. Add to this the idea that most of the time when people resort to these tactics it is because they cannot express their arguments in any cogent manner. They simply don’t like what you have to say. Vitriol is rarely a game winner, it more likely is a game delayer. It actually accomplish nothing other than to make each participant feel better when they get to call someone names.
Closed minds are often not deliberate. They are mostly the result of a lack of thought and simple laziness. Sorry about that. I recently wrote a blog regarding the effects of news bias and received a comment from a gentleman who wanted to know- “Who is funding this type of censorship?” Please take a look the reference he cited at his blog here There are some interesting comments. Sure I personally believe he is reasoning from a false premise, that of government paid “influencers”, but that is my opinion. I don’t believe that anyone is actually paying responders to news posts anything. In this society that would be, if you will pardon an old expression, “carrying coals to Newcastle”. It just isn’t necessary. Too many people on the left can only see what they sincerely believe to be free stuff coming from big government. The Russians have a great word – tanstaafl – which is approximately the same as there is no such thing as a free lunch. Unfortunately many don’t believe that. The news pundits are being payed a good and in some cases an amazing salary to espouse the dogma of the left and right. I can’t call them reporters. Those don’t exist anymore. Oh for the days when a reporter did just that, REPORT. They never explained or inserted bias into their reporting. They had this weird Idea that their audience actually had some intelligence
Many closed minds are that way due to conditioning or disgust with the process. The conditioning comes from the home the single source new and their chosen circle of friends. Other people get so sick of the negatives from both sides they take their own path and refuse to even contemplate any other side of the debate. Look at the Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives. I sincerely believe that along with his wish to power motivation he is one of these. His mind is made up and that is that. Everybody else can shut up now because he isn’t listening anyway. You might say he has a closed mind. No, I am not going to go into all those on the left that have the same problem.
Leave a comment about anything and if I have not made myself clear, let me know. I do respond to all even the nay sayers.</strong.


One thought on “Common Ground of Both Liberals and Conservatives

  1. I wouldn’t say I operated under a false premise, by asking the question as I have assumed nothing; merely I am skeptical on how things really have been presented to myself, and what are the driving factors of it. Perhaps the post wasn’t clear that with reading about events in China, and noticing what the author had described occurs through the work of the government, it appears possible to happen here.Those driving factors could be just reporter’s own bias in the news, or it could be found by following the money. I certainly can’t know, but it appears when it comes to those who report the news, comment on the news, or even blog there is an underlying agenda. Your and my agenda could be based on principle of our belief but its certainly not unreasonable to understand that many people do not operate under such conditions. I guess you could be right that there is enough ideal close-minded driven pundits out there that it would be unnecessary to do such, but I raise my question in light of China where the party has total control of the media with censorship.

    If said paid influence does occur, the question that I posed who would be funding it? This is of course following the money trail, if there is any. It wouldn’t be the government per say as it’s not always controlled by the same party. It would be entirely possible that an administration or powerful congressmen could funnel tax dollar money, very unlikely.

    Party PACs whether being liberal or conservative?

    I believe it’s very possible that there are those being paid to influence outside of the media, could I be wrong? Absolutely.

    It’s important to note what the Chinese nationalist, Tang Jie said, “Because we are in such a system(China’s propaganda press), we are always asking ourselves whether we are brainwashed…but when you are in so-called free system you never think about whether you are brainwashed.”

    In 1960, President Eisenhower was going to let the American public believe the pilot has fallen asleep and drifted into Soviet air space, thinking the pilot could not have possible survived being shot out of the sky. However, he did survive; and the Soviet’s did expose that our government was lying to us on this event.

    Nothing is what it seems. Reporters don’t exist anymore, if ever, and if they did they were few and far between.

    Thoughts were a bit scattered in response, but I think it’s clear that my position is that it’s healthy for the citizenry to be skeptical. Many people are afraid of being called conspiracy theorist and told they’re wearing tin foiled hats and sure there are very outlandish theories out there. However, as the above example with Eisenhower administration shows, the government has no problem lying to its citizenry.


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