The Purpose of this Blog

I thought I would remind you all of this post. This is one way to improve your ‘presence’ and your platform. How about a post about the thought or experience or whatever it was that set you to thinking about the book, story, poem that you wrote or are writing or trying to write. or maybe you have some questions or advice from what you have learned on your journey to write that perfect piece. You know the one you keep searching for but not quite finding? Use this blog for these things, if you wish.

Writing Discussions for Fiction Writers

I have the hope that this will become am avenue for writers to discuss their work and the problems they are facing as well as helping each other over the hurdles we face. Hopefully both novice and and established authors will be the contributors. It is open for critiques, writing samples, advice, even editors, agents and publishers.

Should you want to contribute please leave a comment with your contribution. If that doesn’t give you enough room just send me an email at and use new blog post in the subject. Also PLEASE make sure you have used your spell checker and read your post prior to submitting to eliminate embarrassing typos.

My next post will be a sample of my own writing and some comments on what I was attempting to accomplish. I ask, nay, pray for comments and critiques.

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