The Real Conservative Goal

I recently had a conversation with a highly paid political consultant.

One of the things we discussed was the primary goal of all conservatives in this mid term election. He has found that among those who are honest with themselves and realistic in their goals, the real effort of this election should be to rid the country of the yoke of one man. No, not the president, he is not up for election, though there may be discussions about his future AFTER the election. So who could be the one man that we really need to retire from office? The senate Majority Leader and aspiring tyrant, Harry Reid.

How can we do that, you ask? It is so simple many forget to even consider it. Elect republicans to the senate. It really is that simple. If the republicans are the majority party in the senate they get to say who will be the majority leader and that person will have the dictatorial powers that Reid currently uses so effectively. So does your state have a republican running for the senate that has some acne distracting from their conservative skin? We have one of those in my state of West Virginia. Shelly Moore Capito. There are many people in this state that I would rather see representing me in the United States Senate. BUT … She is a republican. Always has been. I don’t agree with her policies much of the time; however, I will vote for her.

Why? Well actually there are three reasons. The primary one is the fact that she will be seated as a REPUBLICAN. Regardless of how she handles that seat, she will put us one step closer to getting rid of Harry Reid. The second is the fact that her opponent would be a total disaster for our state while the third is the fact that the only other choice is a candidate who has about as much chance of being elected as my winning that ten million from Publishers Clearing House. A vote for him would be such a waste of time and effort. It wouldn’t even be seen as a political statement of any significance.

The fact that a republican may be a full blown RINO is NOT a reason to vote against them in THIS election. Once we have control of the senate we can handle the RINOs at a later date. We must add to the list of reason for taking control of the senate it significantly increases the possibility of a successful impeachment process for the president and certainly for the extremely racist Attorney General.

This country desperately needs to restore the separation of powers the Constitution set forth. An idea that is completely ignored by Harry Reid and the democrats. We begin that process by having a Republican dominated senate. Perhaps we can even convince them that no one person should have control over what bills should actually face debate on the floor of either house.


As usual; comments are encouraged and actively sought.


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