Liberals and Same Sex Marriage

I am told by some of my audience that it is time to speak up about same sex marriage. I think maybe they are right, but first let me speak to my take on homosexuality. The bible says it is a sin. My mother said it is a sin. My father says it is a sin. I say it is a sin. I actually have no objection to how people express their love OR desire in the privacy of their own homes, but this isn’t essentially about homosexuality. It is about a series of laws which state that people must accept and recognize two people of the same gender being legally married. No we don’t. I don’t and cannot see any time in the future when I will. There are several reasons for that and not all of them have to do with its being a recognized sin. But, yes it does have to do with God and the founding fathers. You see I don’t think the people that enacted this law were doing it so much for the so called equal rights of that minority. I believe that it has to do with another political agenda entirely. The American Way Of Life as it has been.

We see, on a daily basis, mass media accounts of liberals attempts to break down the moral fiber of a nation. Your nation. My nation. Our nation. You see if they can do that one thing they can have their agenda in toto. They can elect whomever they please. They can gain more power and more money. It appears more and more that their sole concern is with their positions and less and less about the people of this country. They know that if they can give away enough so the lazy and indolent among us are loudly clamoring for more it will bring this country to its knees. How? Financial collapse. Moral degradation. Political disruption. Then they can establish the oligarchy they want. The constitution can be thrown out and their own set of rules put in its place. Yeah, it can happen here, too.
Back to same sex marriage, altho the above is a very large part of why the libs in government are so supportive. This country was founded by Christians. It was settled by those landing at Plymouth Rock and others because they were looking for RELIGIOUS freedom. Yeah, they thought in terms of Christian religious freedom but that simply had to evolve into an ecumenical religious freedom. They even included God in ALL of there government founding documents. The very first of those that addressed a foreign nation was the Declaration of Independence and God is mentioned in the very first sentence. Every single one of the original buildings of government in Washington D.C. has its own reference to God. The Supreme Court building has the ten commandments. The capital rotunda has several pictures all of which are religious in nature. Thomas Jefferson even held church services there every Sunday of his presidency. A practice that was followed for more than fifty years. I think we can safely assume that he knew all about the Constitution.
All of this goes back to this country being founded on the precepts of Christianity. And Christianity does not recognize same sex marriages. It actually calls that a sin against God and Nature.
Today we have children being told that they can’t refer to Jesus in the class room. I read an article where a child was prevented from attending class because he was carrying a bible intended for a church class he was taking after school.
Same sex marriage. God tells us it is not right. I think I’ll have to go with that.


6 thoughts on “Liberals and Same Sex Marriage

      1. Notascientist is a good name for you. It seems you can’t understand the English language. How can I possibly want to make this a different country when I use the words of the founding father of this nation as the bulwark of my reasoning? Sheeesh!


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