Reply to a naysayer

I received an email from a gentleman that was against an Article V Convention that demonstrated to me just how confused and wrong some people can be about a major issue in this country.  This is my response.

At the end of this post I will give you a link that will allow you to help with this cause if you so desire.

1. The Constitution is not the problem.
I submit that the constitution is the problem for one major reason, it was written by very brilliant men that were trapped by their own culture. The culture of the time could never envision a person making a career out of being a politician. In their culture, a person would stand for election similar to serving in the military. They would do their patriotic duty, serve a term or two and go back to their farms or businesses with a sigh of relief that their duty was done. That mind set could never envision politicians becoming very wealthy while feeding at the public tough and gaining enormous power while they were at it. BUT! Culture evolves, and massive changes occur. Changes the founders had no way of anticipating. Solution? Limit the amount of time that aby politician can serve and then put someone else in their place.. An informed electorate? While it is true we do need that, it probably can never happen in THIS culture. Why? Partly because of the enormous number of factions trying to do the educating and the wide variety of proposed methods to be used. What we end up with is either a confused electorate with a few wild eyed radicals insisting they know the answer. Plus how do you educate a populous that has chronic attention deficit?

Some other changes that are necessary are things like the Welfare Clause. The loopholes in that alone allowed the SCOTUS to allow obamacare among other injustices. Just a few simple words would make a massive change. The SCOTUS has never yet struck down any part of the constitution if they couldn’t find a loophole to sneak through. I could go on, but it is time to move on.

2. All Article V conventions would have the inherent power to be runaway
This time worn argument has been so thoroughly debunked I am surprised to see it here; however allow me to address it one more time.

Number one an Article V convention is NOT a Constitutional Convention and can never become one!

Thirty four state legislatures must pass a resolution that contains exactly the same wording. Oh the preamble may differ widely but the resolution itself must be the same. If any submitting state attempts to put in any wording which might allow a runaway it will not become part of the convention. Add to this the wording in this resolution which place very strict limits on what can be considered. Her is the pertinent wording: “… kimited to proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States that impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress.” Add to this the fact that most states have either proposed or enacted legal penalties for any delegate (properly called Commissioners) that include fines and jail time along with immediate removal form the convention and a runaway becomes virtually impossible. Delegate Overington has submitted such a bill to the WV legislature and many states have already passed such a bill prior to submitting the Convention resolution which allows the legislature to KNOW the convention will stick to the business it is convened to conduct. If this is not enough to allay any fears in this area please let me know as there are many other factors addressing this very issue.

3. An Article V convention would enable powerful special interests to
revise the Constitution in their favor.
This comment is well thought out and so very wrong. Let me quote one section: ”The power elites mentioned above have learned how to elect and influence large numbers of federal and state legislators a very long time ago.” What happened to that philosophy in the 2014 election? 2012?

Just prior to this you state and I quote: “Proponents of an Article V convention assure us that delegates appointed by state legislatures can propose amendments, the amendments can be ratified by
the states, and the resulting amendments will miraculously rein in our “out-of-control” federal government. This starry-eyed scenario is a major fairy tale. (Emphasis mine)
I guess that at this point I should ask you to point out just how influential these people are that can’t even put a stop to a proposal that could eliminate that so called power of that so called “power elite”.

You also state: “A good example of this influence is how hard it has been for grassroots activists to get state legislatures to reconsider their commitment to the special interests’ Common Core education standards.” Hard? I guess that depends upon your definition of the word. Many state legislatures, including WV have before the legislature bills to eradicate CC in their states. Chance of success? According to those polls you are so find of, better than 89%. Some things take time. People have to see the damage before they can act to correct it. Let’s get back on topic.

You stated that the Constitution is not the problem. I answered that rather conclusively.

You stated the Convention would be a runaway. I have shown you how that is a practical impossibility.

You stated that an Article V convention would enable powerful special interests to
revise the Constitution in their favor. I pretty well answered that when addressing the second point , but felt it necessary to expand on it with some specifics.

Any questions?

If your would like to join with this group I urge you to follow the link and at the very least take a few minutes to sign the petition.  Please remember to include your address as this is the only way they can determine which legislator you are petitioning.  Every time a constituent contacts an elected official at the state level it makes a difference.


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