The Best Defense

It is very apparent that the Judeo-Christian ethic is under egregious attack by the liberals in our once stalwart country. I suggest we counter attack. It has been wisely said that the best defence is a good offence. That said just how do we counter attack?

First please note that I used the term Judeo-Christian in my opening line. Make no mistake I count myself as a Christian; however, I respect other beliefs and religions. And yes I see Judaism as a vibrant and viable religion.

The thing is the anti Christian and indeed the the anti religion bigots in this country are winning the battles in this. Why? Because the Christians and the Jews, and the Buddhists and the Shintoists and every other religion in this country are not launching a counter offensive.

We counter attack by an old and tried tactic of civil disobedience and refusal to bow to misguided and sometimes wrong thinking. Civil disobedience comes in many forms. The county and city governments where I live has an ongoing tradition of displaying a manger scene every Christmas on the lawn of the County Court House! Supreme court be damned. Our children say the Pledge of Allegiance with the words ‘Under God’ included. In other words our local government practices a form of Civil disobedience. Oh, by the way, this town is considered a bastion of the democratic party.

Another way to counter attack is education. I don’t mean just in our schools, but in our everyday lives. Are you aware that there is no place in the Constitution of our country that states that there shall be a separation of church and state? The sole comment and proviso having anything to do with religion comes in the first amendment to that document and it simply says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …” The underline is mine. Look at that. Posting the ten commandments in front of your courthouse has nothing to do with establishing a religion and certainly nothing to do with congress passing any law! Spread the word. COUNTER ATTACK.

The second part of that is “or prohibiting the free exercise the free exercise thereof…” It is, or should be, my right to run my business in any manner that does not threaten the life or property of another. If I should want to bar any but bible carrying Christians or Wearers of the Star of David or any other religious symbol that is MY business. It may not make good business sense, but it is my right. The Declaration of Independence has it as a God given right. The government has absolutely no power to deny me that right, even though they seem to think they do. Not even public opinion can deny me that right. It may cost me business, but that is all. There does seem to be one exception to that comment about bad for business. Many businesses are finding it very profitable to, say nothing about safer, for businesses to ban Muslims.

Another way to further the education process is to respond to any published action that is against the American God given freedoms. Have you seen a rant by homosexuals about how they have the ‘right’ to marry or adopt or attempt to bring public pressure on businesses that refuse to offer their services to them such as wedding cakes? Step up and rationally defend their right to run their business in any way their conscience dictates, in a post of your own. One caution here. Don’t post or respond with a rant. When you start with the name calling and bad language most people just turn you off as being too juvenile to be in the discussion. If you can’t respond with a modicum of reason, I suggest you take your frustration and anger elsewhere.

I was in another town a few days ago and as I was driving down the main drag my eyes came to rest on a sign in a restaurant window. I had to stop and read it as my driving interfered with comprehension. The sign read: “We are Christian Americans and your legal guns are welcome here.” I just had to go in even though I wasn’t ‘packing’. The place was comfortably full and I sauntered to the counter for a coffee and an English muffin. I looked around the room and must have seen 20 hip weapons scattered about the room. Never felt safer in my life. I had to ask to speak to the owner. I was introduced to a pleasant middle aged woman and in answer to my question she stated that her business had actually increased since she and her husband put up the sign. She said they had put up the sign in response to a robbery. Now her customers were an invincible security force that paid them for their service. I still think that was a great solution to a problem. They counter attacked.

All I am saying here is that we need to take the battle for our ideals to the enemy. Not sit around on our plush posteriors waiting for ‘somebody’ to do something. Remember – if you look in the mirror ‘somebody’ is looking back at you.


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