Amnesty, Voters and Voter Id

I sincerely believe the liberal push for amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants is a political ploy that seems to be working to the detriment of “The American Way.” Let’s face the fact that we all know there is significant voter fraud in this country. I sincerely doubt that Harry Reid or even Obama himself could have been re-elected without it I have explained my position on that many times.

The liberals would have you believe that amnesty is all about bringing into our country workers that will take the jobs Americans won’t. They would have you believe it is all about the children. They would have you believe it is all about compassion. I would have you believe that all of their posturing is a very large load of Horse Manure. There is a very well documented and practical way for immigrants to enter this country. It has worked for many, many years. My fore bearers entered this country using that series of laws to obtain entry and become citizens of the United States. I am told the day they took the oath of citizenship was the proudest day of their entire lives. Would you believe that they even had to swear that they would obey the laws of their new country? Weird? Nah, just practical. How many of the illegals have to do that?

Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around the times my father and I would sit around the table, late at night(well past my bed time) and talk. On one of these occasions we were talking about our fore fathers and he related a simple story to me. It seems one of the friends of those forbearers had broken an unspecified law and was deported. The stated reason? He broke his “entry oath”. He was a legal entrant to this country, but he broke the law and was sent back where he came from. Please remember that an ‘executive order’ cannot make something that is illegal, legal. Illegals are not law abiding by definition. They are not legal voters, by definition. Hell, they are not legal … by definition. Please don’t let the liberal “bleeding heart” diatribe sway you from this.

The liberal objection to voter ID is all about ensuring that there are citizens that simply can’t obtain a valid photo ID that identifies them as American Citizens are able to vote. This situation may exist. I don’t know. I have engaged in a few voter registration drives and we always ask for such and I have never found even the most bed ridden citizen that didn’t have such proof. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Truthfully I would rather have a small minority of citizens disenfranchised than have millions of non Americans become registered voters. Voting is an American citizen’s right and obligation. I really don’t want non-Americans deciding who runs things in either Washington or the state capital.

Amnesty is against the law; it is against tradition; it is against America. And no amount of executive orders directing the DOJ not to enforce the laws of our country can change that.


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