Some Thoughts on Voter IDs

The discussion voter ID has creased recent weeks with Hillary’s insane for every one registered to vote when they have their 18th birthday. The left has repeated the mantra that voter ID would somehow disenfranchise “millions of blacks and minorities,’ but I haven’t seen an intelligent explanation of how this would happen.

Let’s look at the purpose of requiring voters to prove they exist and are, in fact, citizens. Who would be harmed the most? Obviously it would be non citizens first. Then, of course, the dead couldn’t vote any more, nor voter that goes from polling place to polling place to vote multiple times, nor the person that has moved from one district to another having his/her vote cast for him/her in the district not lived in any more. This happened to me. I supposedly voted in a state I haven’t lived in for years and voted for a politician I was writing and posting articles describing his corruption! Not someone for whom I would likely vote. Oh my! I am actually discriminating against the dead and the illegals! How horrible of me. This would actually disenfranchise millions of voters! All for the good.

Now don’t get me wrong. Voter ID is not a cure all, end all for voter fraud. There is still the problem of those counties in PA and elsewhere that had NO republican voters. And there is the problem of corrupted voting machines. Yeah the list goes on. It would be an excellent first step, don’t you think?

The next step would probably be to set up a nation wide commission to vet each and every voting machine that is used in this country. Expensive? You bet. Time consuming? Sure would be. Necessary? Yep. Unless you can come up with a viable alternative.

Those of you that follow my blog will notice that this is considerably shorter than my previous 1000 word posts. I was reminded that the typical voter has a limited attention span so I am going to try for a much shorter series of posts and see if my following increases.

As usual comments, suggestions and opposing views are welcomed to the point of being encouraged.


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