An Objective Look at the Candidates

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An Objective Look at the Candidates

If we look at the candidates with some objectivity and from a strictly conservative view point we can eliminate several immediately. Obviously any democrat fails the conservative litmus test so this will be the last mention of any of those. So let’s look at the republican side of the ledger.

To be honest, only two or three of even these deserve serious consideration. There are more than 30 currently declared (including the perennials) and most of them are proven RINO in their politics. Some even mouthing Obama’s talking points on many of the issues. Here is a very truncated list of 13 for you with a short comment for each (I won’t even attempt to cover most of the also ran list):

  1. Jeb Bush, Florida Governor with stated left leaning ideals on Obamacare, immigration and a host of other issues. Will probably pull more democrat voters than republican.

  2. Dr. Ben Carson, No political experience and is constantly making rash statements he has to explain and fails.

  3. Chris Cristie, Tells it like it is and doesn’t care about the fallout. Also doesn’t care about important conservative issues such as gun control and the tenth amendment.

  4. Ted Cruz, Staunch conservative with a broad based grassroots support gaining most of his funding from that source. Not tied to any big money so owes nothing except to his constituents.

  5. Jack Fellure, Has been running for president every four years since 1988. That is the only reason I mention him and this is the last time.

  6. Carly Florina, a well known female candidate in the republican camp. Conservative, but with a background of failure and some other issues, probably will be a no show after the convention.

  7. Lindsey Graham, former Air Force Colonel with the JAG corps has gained a reputation for compromise brokering which sometimes leaves his constituency out of the equation.

  8. Mike Huckabee, Madea lot of enemies during his tenure on Fox news. Conservative Christian viewed by many to be a moderate conservative.

  9. Bobby Jindal, Louisiana Governor and outspoken critic of the federal Government. Good Man, but short on support and experience in government. American Indian if that makes any difference to anyone.

  10. Rand Paul, Libertarian tea party leader with a dwindling vocal following. He has redefined himself politically 3 times attempting to strike the right chord.

  11. Marco Rubio, With his Cuban heritage giving him a broad Latino support and his conservative record a current front runner. Seems to have a lot of big money interests supporting.

  12. Donald Trump, Made waves from his first announcement and has since continued with his controversial rhetoric, but has mentioned only two issues – Illegal Immigration (against) and universal health care (for). That last one may kill his chances.

  13. Scott Walker, Governor and conservative he isa contender, but his stand on religious liberty may be hazardous to his political health. He is the only governor to withstand a recall election and has proven that he is not afraid to take a stand.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s look at some conclusions.

As we can see there are really not all that many CONSERVATIVE candidates. In fact I find only three worth mentioning. They are: Dr, Carson; TedCruz; Bobby Jindal; and Scott Walker. OK I can hear the Paulists out there screaming about my not calling Rand Paul a conservative, After all he is a libertarian! Well, yeah, he does lay claim to that distinction, but he waffles way too much to be considered by conservatives as a viable candidate. Sorry about that.

Since I expect that you are wondering where this is going I will tell you. I made the statement on the West Virginia Conservative Voice that I would not be making any “endorsements” until after the new year and the primaries were over and have been criticized for that. They were right. After the primaries, selecting a candidate would be a moot point. Now is the time others are gathering the information they need to become informed voters for those self same primaries and I may have a different take for them to consider. So here goes.

Dr. Ben Carson is an honest man and a conservative to all appearances, but I also think he just good and and too kind a man to get really down and dirty in the political fighting that he job requires. Of course I may be wrong; however, I am unwilling to take chances with the man we put in the white house. I would really like to see him seasoned before he takes that office. Perhaps a cabinet post. Secretary of HHS? That would give him the training necessary with a strong back up n the form of a seasoned veteran in the white house.

We will come back to Senator Cruz and move on to Bobby Jindal.

Governor Jindal has had some ‘seasoning’ as governor of LA and is a good viable candidate; however I personally believe he would be more valuable as the education Secretary. The good Lord of us all knows we need a knowledgeable person in that seat. He has good experience being both a college grad with a few degrees and a former university system president.  And, yes, I admit to being swayed by his stand against Common Core.

Scott Walker is a true conservative and another viable candidate. Unfortunately his primary base is too small and weak to be of much help in the election when it will be so important. He would be an excellent cabinet member in several spots most notedly, Secretary of Labor.

And finally Senator Ted Cruz comes under scrutiny. Have more or less followed the Senator since before his announcement for the Presidency. On March 23 2015, my ears figuratively perked up. I didn’t think he would be a viable candidate at that time; however, I do follow anyone that announces a run for the presidency. It soon became clear that he was ideally suited for the job he was seeking. His support base is very wide and does not show much in the way of “moneyed interests”, but rather a ground swell of popular support that has garnered him the greater past of $12,000,000.00 in support at roughly $37.00 per donor. His constant and consistent stand on constitutional issues are of particular interest.  I would love to see him select Carly Fiornia as his running mate.  With that behind her to establish her bona fides, she might well make a great successor.

Ted Cruz will have my support and that of the West Virginia Conservative Voice’s co-conspirators. (That means those of us that write for that page, just in case you were wondering.) 🙂

I will respond to all civil and specific queries.

Respectfully submitted;

Richard Allen

United States Citizen.


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