Donald Trump:The Man – His Politics

The Man:

Donald John Trump is a son of Fred Trump, a New York City real estate developer. He worked for his father’s firm, Elizabeth Trump & Son, while attending the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and officially joined the company in 1968. In 1971, he was given control of the company, renaming it The Trump Organization. Wharton is the oldest and, some say, the most prestigious business school in the US. He started life as a multi-millionaire and used that base in real-estate and real-estate development to become a billionaire.
When he took over the company in 1971 it was just before the start of the Reagan Revolution and during that time real-estate was a booming business. It was almost impossible to lose money on a deal. If you bought real-estate you made money. If you developed real-estate you made even more. Donald Trump became really rich off his father’s business and tutelage. Then came the bust. He had to declare several of his business ventures bankrupt. He was and is a canny businessman. He made unflinching use of the laws to take property from people who had no means to defend his eminent domain take overs and foist his debts on to other people via the bankruptcy courts. He has married several times and always because he had another great looking lady waiting in the wings. His exes all vouch for this.
He is a past master at self promotion, a good thing for a businessman or a politician. As his personal finances passed the billion mark, he began to concentrate on self aggrandizement. He bought his way onto the television screen and began with a show that allowed him to fire people publicly. If they failed his assignment, he would look them straight in the eye and say “You’re Fired.” I was fired once. It did not boost my self esteem. Thankfully, I wasn’t fired in front of millions of people. He has made a name for himself simply by being tactless. This doesn’t appear to be a rebellion against political correctness, it seems to be more of a personality trait. Disagree with him in any manner and you are going to feel his rapier tongue right in your gut.

His Politics:

Politically he both appears and in fact actually is naive. He is a very blunt spoken man. I am not saying he doesn’t mean what he says. No one, at this point and outside his very inner circle, can say whether he does or does not, but I am perfectly willing to take him at his word for the nonce. The only thing we do know in this vein is that he seems to sail before the political prevailing wind. Today as a republican, yesterday both a democrat and an independent that supported the Clinton’s and congratulated Obama on his winning the election both times! His largest contributions have always been to the left side of the aisle with only token hedge betting contributions to the Republicans. Makes one wonder if the reason he chose the republican side this time was to not confront Hillary directly in the preliminary campaign.
There are few who call him conservative and this reporter certainly cannot.
His political naiveté will cost him when it comes to dealing with congress, should he win the nod at the convention. He has no experience what-so-ever in day to day political in-fighting and thus no understanding of the vicissitudes of that quagmire.
In the interviews that have been done with his close supporters and friends all seem to place them firmly in the “yes sir” category so I don’t see much hope for his gaining from the experience of others. He has regularly shown a propensity for excoriating verbiage for those that disagree with him. All in all his political acumen seems to be lacking.

His Followers:

This will be the topic of Chapter two of this particular blog. I should have it ready for posting shortly after Christmas.
Comments are welcome regardless of nature with one or two exceptions. If you advocate violence in any form or make use of foul language in those comments your comment will never see the light of day and you will be blocked from all future postings. With those exceptions I ask for your comments on my blog page. That lets me know you didn’t just read the headline and formulate your response from that snippet.


One thought on “Donald Trump:The Man – His Politics

  1. This was a very interesting read. I wish someone would do this type of thing on the Democratic side and maybe smarten up their voters. I am not sure Mr. Trump will win the nomination but I am sure he will never have the support of the Republican home base simply because he cannot be bought. I do believe he was good for getting the people off their butts and into the game so to speak. He says pretty much what the average american is thinking and feeling. I personally hope that Mr. Cruz will pull ahead.


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