Governor Justice’s War on Seniors

The Justice budget proposal looks like an all out assault on the one group the democrats in this state and many others, would like to have just go away. In one way this makes sense. (Stay with me now. No jumping to conclusions.) Of course the title lets you in on part of where I am headed with this. The senior citizen. Just for kicks (and because it fits the parameters) lets include all of the poorest among us. The reason I said it makes sense for the progressive to want us gone, or at the very least, silent, is because they point out the ultimate failure of the progressive tax and spend philosophy. It obviously doesn’t work because these two groups are growing at an exponential rate all over our nation.
The old among us is growing because our life spans are growing. Or were until the government took over the health care industry. What used to be the best health care in the world is now rated barely above a third world country. But that is another blog.
The poor group is, arguably, growing as a direct result of progressive policies. The loss of jobs can be traced to government regulation in many, many instances.
OK, I am not here to discuss the federal government but the state government so lets get to it.
How is Jim Justice declaring war on these people?
You just have to look at his budget bill. He demands that we raise taxes in the very areas that the seniors and the poor cannot afford to have any increase. To wit: Double the gasoline tax; increase (double again) DMV fees; Tax food; increase the sales tax. There are others but I don’t need to make this too long a read so I will just discuss the impact of these four. What I call the Egregious Four.
The West Virginia tax on Gasoline puts us in the top 20 in the nation. Jim Justice would put us in the top five. Our DMV rates are reasonable at this point. Jim Justice would have them join states like California and make them just plain unafordable for many of the poor among us. These are the people that don’t use their autos for vacation travel. They can’t afford vacations. They use their cars to get to the hospital – to buy food for their families and themselves – to get to Dr. appointments then to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions.
Tax food. TAX FOOD? Many among us fought a long hard battle to get rid of that discriminatory tax for years. Now justice wants it back. This one is really bad for everybody, not just the poor and aged among us.
Ah yes. The sales tax. Justice states in his budget proposal that this wil eventually eliminate the state income tax. Put on your thinking caps and use your internet research skills and find me an example where the government said they were going tro repeal a tax at a later date or that a tax was going to be temporary and kept their word. I could not find one. I have to agree that a one percent increase here wouldn’t bother those that have incomes above the poverty level all that much. They won’t like it, but they can pay it with ease. Let’s look at those on fixed incomes. The first glaring point here is that there are actually many of the older among us that pay no income tax. Their income is insufficient to break into that category. Another indication of just how poor they are. This tax would affect their budgets most severely. Many cannot afford to live on their incomes as it is. They have to depend on the local food bank, where it is available, and other charities just to eat. Others cannot afford proper shoes and clothing or other necessities because of the cost and now Justice wants to increase that cost. Yes, I know many of these personally.
There is a plan that has been worked out by Delegate McGeehan and others that would keep our taxes static and even allow for some savings. Why the legislature and the governor is ignoring this is beyond my power to reason.


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