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Campaign to Kill Good

The Campaign to Kill Good

We have become a nation ruled by an oligarchy. Oligarchy is defined as “a political system governed by a few people”. Usually the rich. Now an oligarchy does not care very much for the common people. They do pay lip service to them. They continue to promise that group that they are the ones that will improve their lot. Any one opposing them is demeaned and slandered into oblivion, while they just keep promising the masses that they will improve their life if only they will wait just a little while longer while they, the elite rulers, solve just a couple more problems. The oligarchy makes use of the “big lie”.
The big lie was brought forcefully to the forefront of national politics by Hitler. He knew that any lie repeated often enough is taken for absolute truth and he gained total control of the government with this tactic.
Today we have a movement that is called liberal, but the proper term is progressive. These are two different views of how a government, our government, should work. The liberal works in small steps to advance their agenda. First they take over the education system starting with the colleges and universities. If they can control what the future teachers are taught they will control what the children are taught by those future teachers. Then they co-opt the mass media using these liberal educated student journalists so they are able to spread the word in any way they want. They can use the “big lie” much more effectively.
Enter Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Barack Obama and today’s pretender to the throne, Hillary Clinton. Each were or are convinced they can rule because they have convinced the greater mass of people that individual liberty is a fallacy. They shout that this should never have been a republic, but rather a democracy. In a democracy the voice of the people are heard and that voice is personified in the person that collects the votes required to sit in the Oval office. That one person has a ‘mandate’, evidenced by the mere fact that he or she won the election, to speak for all the people. They have their pen and phone. Any separation of powers is nothing more than a hindrance to their governing.
Enter on to our stage one Hillary Clinton. A proven liar, who actually said that it was her “turn” to rule America. She of the “big lie”.
We cannot forget the other facet of today’s American political scene, the republican party. Supposedly the ‘loyal opposition’. They would much rather have a Clinton presidency that will continue to grant politicians surcease for their greed and power hungry appetites than support the person that won their party’s nomination. They have not so much as run one TV ad for ‘their’ nominee. Their fear of losing their gravy train and the power they wield in government is tantamount to treason. No, it does not meet the legal definition of that heinous crime, but it does meet the social definition. They apparently are so concerned about protecting their position that they would rather see this country go completely social democrat than defend the constitution and the republic.
This country led the world in military might, economic stability and social justice for over one hundred fifty years. Today we are a third world power militarily, the world banks are leaving the dollar behind as the benchmark and moving to the Chinese Yuan or Renminbi and social justice has been replaced with the devaluation of the Judeo-Christian ethic to the point that a person can now be sued into financial ruin for adhering to their Christian beliefs. Freedom OF religion has been replaced by the credo of freedom FROM religion.
This is the destruction of good in the name of greed and power.
It seems that we no longer have a two party system in this country. We have on party called Democrat that is focused on the destruction of the Constitution because it is “outdated” and no longer applies to modern society, though they have never satisfactorily explained how that is so, and another party called Republican that are anything but. They are perhaps even more greedy than their cohorts in the other side of the aisle.
There has to be a political party that honestly desires to return this country to the land of the free. Libertarians? Nope. They do indeed want a smaller government, but the government they want is isolationist in this world of global economy and ISIS. The government they want is so small as to be next door neighbors to anarchy. Greens? Nah. Too narrow in focus and they want many of the same things the liberals want just for different reasons. There are many neophytes out there struggling to find the alternative to the present major parties. I have looked at many and spoken to most of the leaders. None seem to measure up to the founders ideals. I still believe in those ideals.
The only one that comes close, in my humble opinion, is the Constitution Party. I will have more to say on them another time
That leaves the main question. How do we stop the destruction of good?


Paul Ryan is NOT a RINO. I am.

You read that title correctly. Paul Ryan is NOT a RINO. Neither is McConnell. Nope, Sessions isn’t either. But it would appear that I am.
How can I say things like that with a straight face and be deadly serious? Just consider the facts.
Most of the republican members of congress were considered RINOs. The Republican party officially supports them. They have become the republican party. For some reason they decided to leave me behind, to completely ignore me and my kind.
We have become pariahs.
In today’s world, the right wing, patriotic, constitution loving American is being left out of the political process and without a voice. We have become the true Republicans In Name Only.
Since I do not enjoy not having a voice in the affairs of my country, I decided to do something about that. But what can a person do. I can not take on the sins of the Democrats and most other parties out there don’t seem to have much of a voice. Only thing to do is more research.
Let’s see. There is the Green party. Definitely not for me. Appears to be an off shoot of the democrats and their goals are really unreasonable. How about the Libertarians. Again, not to my liking. They are the next thing to anarchy. And, particularly here in West Virginia, they used subterfuge, and out right dishonesty to obtain their goals. Their ‘guiding light’, one Chris Anders, uses an auto dialer to spread his message (Hate those things with a passion) and frequently spreads misinformation, if not outright untruths. Case in point: He told anyone that would listen the the Jefferson County Commissioners voted themselves a pay raise. They didn’t, That came out of the state capital. There is one other point about Mr. Anders that disturbs me. He lives in Virginia! He does not live in WEST Virginia yet he is spearheading a move to take control of the Jefferson county republican party.
Then there is the fact that they are avowed isolationists wanting no involvement in world affairs. I have a friend that tells me that I am just too forthright. OK, the term he means is blunt. I guess I am at times, but I am not a politician. There are times when being blunt is necessary.
Oh well. Keep looking.
How about the Constitution party? Good name, but do they mean it. Have they got a chance of ever winning anything? Probably not this election cycle, but they are the third largest political party in this country. Do they mean it? I read their platform. They seem to be dedicated to returning this country to the constitutional republic the democrats have spent the last 50 years doing everything in their power to destroy. They make no bones about their belief that this country should be run by the president. Period. Separation of powers is to them a fallacy. And old idea that we should just ignore.
Not my cup of tea. I actually like the constitution.
Hmm bit of a rant there, but every word the truth. Back to the Constitution party.
They are on the ballot in 25 states this cycle, which is a huge improvement or the last one. They have achieved major party status in Wyoming . Their donations have more than doubled in the last few months and just keep growing. There is a large contingent of Cruz supporters that have joined and other disillusioned republicans are joining up every day. I can easily envision them being a major force in the next election cycle. Why? Because they listen. Because they are sincere in wanting to return us. Because this country is looking for some honesty in Politics! It is my belief that this party offers just that and wouldn’t that confuse the politicians of today! Because conservatives all over this country are fed up with a republican party that refuses to adhere to their conservative roots and instead just want the power and money that currently goes with an elected office in D.C.
Personally, I am fed up with being a RINO. I do believe that explains why I am now a registered member of the Constitution party of the United States.

A Look at Political Conservatives

A Look at Political Conservatism
My Father was a staunch Republican way back when that meant he and members of that party were conservatives. Whenever you spoke about a political conservative your audience knew you were talking about a Republican. The two words were interchangeable. He once defined conservative to me as someone that was against change. As he put it “What was good enough for my father is good enough for me.”

OK that was then. What about now? Today. I call myself a conservative; does that mean I am anti change? Yes, it does. I am very much against the government changing my country from one of individual responsibility, capitalism, personal liberty and so forth. Yet, here I am working hard to amend the constitution. Isn’t that change? Not really. Let me explain before you blow your top.

You see I want to amend the constitution to PREVENT change. All of those years ago when those eminent scholars got together and hammered out that truly great instrument we call our constitution they had a vision, but that vision was based on the culture they knew. The one they had lived in all of their collective lives. And each one was a die hard liberal! (Sometimes being a liberal can be a good thing. Seldom, I grant you, but sometimes.) They wanted change! They wanted to change from a government with a king that could decide what freedoms to grant and which to keep for the elite. And he did. Those flaming liberals wanted and end to that. They wanted to change everything about government! They wanted and wrote a constitution which granted the rights they saw as ordained by God, not men. Yeah, back then it really meant men. Women were not even considered to be in the mix. Remember that culture I mentioned?

Then the country and, indeed, the world slowly and over time changed. One day the state of Wyoming actually had the temerity to grant the vote to women, of all things. Who’da thunk it! Women making decisions just like they actually had brains! Turns out they did and do have every bit as good brain power as any man. Then along came the notion that the phrase “…all men are created equal…” became a recognized fact. Even if your skin happened to be a different color. WOW! What a concept. The culture changed.

It is well known that the Federalist Papers shows the thinking of the founders that those elected to the seats of government would not want that job for long. It would be, at best, a temporary job. Who would actually want to make a career out of sitting in a room with a bunch of guys talking about something as dry as the creation of law. How the culture has changed.

Today we see a man that was a Community Organizer with a barley living wage, just able to afford a house, switch his “profession” to politics and become a multi millionaire. He recently bought a house in California that had multimillion dollar price tag. No sweat. We even have elected officials bragging about the number of years they have fed at the public trough! The founding fathers must be turning over in their graves.

That defining document states in the very first article that the power to enact laws shall rest solely with the legislature. Today that self same legislature has delegated and abrogated that grave responsibility to “regulatory agencies”. So much so that one talking head states that the regulatory agencies have passed over 21000 ‘regulations in the past year alone, each with the force of law. Congress, meanwhile, passed far fewer actual laws than that.

Getting back to the founding fathers and the government they tried to establish, one that worked so well for so long, established a system of checks and balances within the federal government which had strictly limited powers, and that worked in the culture of the day. Not so today. Today the Supreme Court, appointed for life, remember, obtain their jobs by promising, behind closed doors, to follow the political ideology of the person that nominates them. FOR LIFE! Congressmen and congresswomen tell their constituents whatever they want to hear just to get the job. No one is the least surprised when it turns out they lied. That is politics. Take a look at Shelly Moore Capito of West Virginia. Didn’t take her long to turn her back on those that elected her. Damn! She hasn’t even officially been sworn is as a senator yet! She still sits in her seat in the house! Oh, Well, don’t get me started down that road.

I, a conservative do not want to change the constitution. I do want to amend it so that it reflects the culture of today. Yes, I want term limits for ALL federal government officials. Even the Supreme Court. Enough of the professional politician. Let’s force the feds to balance the federal budget. Let us alter the wording of the welfare clause of the constitution to reflect today’s culture. Maybe even take a look at repealing an existing amendment like the 17th. There are a few. What about voter IDs? Racist? Give me a break! The only thing close to racist is the prevention of non-citizen and the dead from voting. Yeah, I guess I am racist at that. I honestly believe you must be a living citizen of this country to vote. I don’t care if your skin is green as long as you are in fact alive, a citizen and can prove both.

If an Article V convention can get 38 states to agree on just one or two of these types of amendments, we just might get the country of our fathers back.

I really am proud of being a conservative.

Article V Convention – What and Why?

I am going to attempt to answer a bunch of questions I keep getting about the upcoming Article V Convention popularly known as the Convention of States. I will do this by referencing the Federalist Papers a lot. Why? The Federalist (they weren’t called the Federalist PAPERS until the twentieth century) was written by three of the founding fathers – James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay – to explain the thinking of those founders when they dreamed up that radical document we call The Constitution of the United States and trust me, at the time it was indeed a ‘radical’ document. It is a group of 85 documents that explain the intent of the constitution.
This new Constitution was an experiment in government that gave the people the power. Those six pages were the first time an attempt was ever made to give the people of a nation the power to decide their own destiny. The writers of that document were intelligent. So intelligent that they knew they would not, could not, foresee all eventualities. So they included several ways to modify it so the people would have a defense against tyranny in government. Article V of that document gives us two of them. We will be looking at the one given directly to the people and that is what the Convention of States is founded upon.
Let’s begin by examining the opening paragraphs of The Federalist: “It has been frequently remarked, that it seems to have been reserved to the people of this country, by their conduct and example, to decide the important question, whether societies of men are really capable or not, of establishing good government from reflection and choice, or whether they are forever destined to depend, for their political constitutions, on accident and force.”
Let us be very clear here. An Article V convention is NOT a Constitutional Convention. A constitutional Convention is called to write a new and overriding constitution. An Article V Convention is called only to amend the current convention and the one that is now being proposed has some very strict limitations on even that. The Federalist made it very clear that the PEOPLE had the power not the government. In point of fact the Constitution was designed to limit the power of the federal government. However it must be remembered that is was written by honorable people and honorable people have a blind spot where dishonorable people are concerned. They simply can’t envision the lengths some people will go to to obtain and maintain power. So they didn’t adequately provide for a defense against the power hungry. When they set up the government they divided the powers along strict lines that have become blurred, indeed, even non-existent. They foresaw a government by gentlemen who would serve in the government for a term and go back to their homes and families and jobs. They could not conceive of anyone making politics a career of all things.
So one of the limited and stated intents of this Article V convention is to limit the terms of ALL federally elected officials and many appointed ones.
Another of the stated goals is to limit the POWER of the federal government. The Constitution clearly gave the greater power to the states. The federal government was formed to protect that and allow for “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. To provide for the common defense of the nation, to regulate interstate commerce (never intrastate) among others. Actually it was designed to follow the Declaration of Independence by codifying it into the supreme law of the land. Yep, both the Constitution and the Federalist are quite emphatic on this point, but that is another blog.
Perhaps it would clarify some of these points if I quoted from an article by one of the founders of the project, Michael Farris: “Rather than calling a convention for a specific amendment, Citizens for Self-Governance (CSG) has launched the Convention of the States Project to urge state legislatures to properly use Article V to call a convention for a particular subject—reducing the power of Washington, D.C. It is important to note that a convention for an individual amendment (e.g. a Balanced Budget Amendment) would be limited to that single idea. Requiring a balanced budget is a great idea that CSG fully supports. Congress, however, could comply with a Balanced Budget Amendment by simply raising taxes. We need spending restraints as well. We need restraints on taxation. We need prohibitions against improper federal regulation. We need to stop unfunded mandates.
A convention of states needs to be called to ensure that we are able to debate and impose a complete package of restraints on the misuse of power by all branches of the federal government.
What Sorts of Amendments Could be Passed?
The following are examples of amendment topics that could be discussed at a convention of states:
A balanced budget amendment
A redefinition of the General Welfare Clause (the original view was the federal government could not spend money on any topic within the jurisdiction of the states)
A redefinition of the Commerce Clause (the original view was that Congress was granted a narrow and exclusive power to regulate shipments across state lines–not all the economic activity of the nation)
A prohibition of using international treaties and law to govern the domestic law of the United States
A limitation on using Executive Orders and federal regulations to enact laws (since Congress is supposed to be the exclusive agency to enact laws)
Imposing term limits on Congress and the Supreme Court
Placing an upper limit on federal taxation
Requiring the sunset of all existing federal taxes and a super-majority vote to replace them with new, fairer taxes
Of course, these are merely examples of what would be up for discussion. The convention of states itself would determine which ideas deserve serious consideration, and it will take a majority of votes from the states to formally propose any amendments.
The Founders gave us a legitimate path to save our liberty by using our state governments to impose binding restraints on the federal government. We must use the power granted to the states in the Constitution.”

As my regular readers know I try to limit these treatises to 1000 words so I don’t lose those with limited time and/or attentions spans so I will follow this in a day or two with part two.
As always comments, questions, suggestions and complaints are both requested and welcomed.

The Real Conservative Goal

I recently had a conversation with a highly paid political consultant.

One of the things we discussed was the primary goal of all conservatives in this mid term election. He has found that among those who are honest with themselves and realistic in their goals, the real effort of this election should be to rid the country of the yoke of one man. No, not the president, he is not up for election, though there may be discussions about his future AFTER the election. So who could be the one man that we really need to retire from office? The senate Majority Leader and aspiring tyrant, Harry Reid.

How can we do that, you ask? It is so simple many forget to even consider it. Elect republicans to the senate. It really is that simple. If the republicans are the majority party in the senate they get to say who will be the majority leader and that person will have the dictatorial powers that Reid currently uses so effectively. So does your state have a republican running for the senate that has some acne distracting from their conservative skin? We have one of those in my state of West Virginia. Shelly Moore Capito. There are many people in this state that I would rather see representing me in the United States Senate. BUT … She is a republican. Always has been. I don’t agree with her policies much of the time; however, I will vote for her.

Why? Well actually there are three reasons. The primary one is the fact that she will be seated as a REPUBLICAN. Regardless of how she handles that seat, she will put us one step closer to getting rid of Harry Reid. The second is the fact that her opponent would be a total disaster for our state while the third is the fact that the only other choice is a candidate who has about as much chance of being elected as my winning that ten million from Publishers Clearing House. A vote for him would be such a waste of time and effort. It wouldn’t even be seen as a political statement of any significance.

The fact that a republican may be a full blown RINO is NOT a reason to vote against them in THIS election. Once we have control of the senate we can handle the RINOs at a later date. We must add to the list of reason for taking control of the senate it significantly increases the possibility of a successful impeachment process for the president and certainly for the extremely racist Attorney General.

This country desperately needs to restore the separation of powers the Constitution set forth. An idea that is completely ignored by Harry Reid and the democrats. We begin that process by having a Republican dominated senate. Perhaps we can even convince them that no one person should have control over what bills should actually face debate on the floor of either house.


As usual; comments are encouraged and actively sought.

On A personal Note

On A Personal Note

I have finished writing this blog and decided to add this preface. This is the toughest bit of writing I have ever done and with my book I have written hundreds of thousands of words for others to read, but this one strikes too close to home. It leaves me feeling naked and exposed.

I have led an affluent life for the most part. Owned my own homes for the most part. Even in college with two children. Yes, my wife was employed as a nurse. Which is a big reason for that, but then things were a lot cheaper then. My first home, a three bedroom affair in a pretty good neighborhood, cost me the huge sum of $80,000. Payments were less than $100.00 per month. After college I went to Vegas and ended up in casino management . Made a good living. Then, a couple of divorces later, I was broke, without a retirement plan, bank account, or savings, thanks to a viscous ex and an even more viscous female judge. I had lost my job because I was able to get the casino sold, which is the reason I was given the position.

My son decided he would like me to be close to him, way across the country in West Virginia. I picked up and moved. Probably not my best decision. I drove cab for a while and lived with my son and his girl friend, of all things. OK Let’s bring this a little closer to today.

I now am officially retired. An old man with disabilities and cannot find a job that I am capable of doing physically while the ones I can do mentally are not the ones people want an old man to do. My car is over twenty years old and I live in a tiny government subsidized apartment. Why do I tell you all of this? It is preamble.

I do get Social Security. That was adequate before Obama. Now, not so much. I have seen the cost of a loaf of bread go from $.89 to over $1.40 here in town and that is not the good stuff, trust me. Milk from $1.89 a gallon to $4.28 as of last week. Meat? Forget it. Even hamburger is almost $4.00/ LB. Chicken? Almost $6.00 for a bag of chicken at Wal Mart. I eat a lot of chicken, but that bag of chicken doesn’t las a month. Eggs have gone from $.79 to over $2.75.

I know a family that is in this country illegally, are Muslim by faith and living the good life. His home is a nice three bedroom place, nice yard, nice car, nice well fed and dressed family. The home was provided by the government, his food stamps run over $400.00, so he told me. Yes, I get food stamps. A whopping $15.00/mo. When Obama came into office with his promise of change, that indeed changed. I was then getting just over $40.00 The Muslim illegal immigrant’s car was subsidized by the government, and he receives SOCIAL SECURITY! Why? I don’t know. He has never paid a dime into it.

I have had to eat dog food to finish out several months. Not very tasty, but it does take the hunger pangs down a notch or two. Fact. Yeah, I do have a dog and no, he does not go without a proper diet. Foolish of me perhaps, but he is my best friend and only companion. Live with it. I do.

The inflation and resulting increase in costs have almost done me in. I sure hope my book makes a few sales! 🙂 Obama’s solution? Print more money, raise the minimum wage, and raise taxes. Each a proven inflationary measure. If I have to point out how that is, you probably don’t have enough interest or knowledge of the facts to understand so I won’t waste both our time by attempting an explanation. I will note that several countries have decided that they don’t want their money tied in any way to ours. Can you say second rate country from world leader in 6 years?

I note that now Obama is sending our money not only to several Muslim factions along with those arms, but has decided to give a huge hand out to the Hamas. Hamas, for those that don’t know is the recognized Israel based terrorist organization. How’s that for slapping an ally in the face in public?

Obama has kept at least one of his campaign promises. He has brought about CHANGE. Less freedom, more expensive government, more hunger and starvation, more homeless and more underemployed people than ever before. The reason we don’t have seen higher unemployment? Companies have had to put so many people on less that 40 hours because of Obama care that they have to hire part timers to cover the vacant hours. So yes he has created jobs, He just hasn’t created any jobs with a living wage. BUT.  He still has a job approval rating that is over 50%.

Yeah, his personal approval is down to 47%.  Ain’t that a shame?